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15th Gulf Research Meeting: July 22-24, 2025

Gulf Research Center Meeting 2025: CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSAL NOW OPEN, Click here for more details

15th Gulf Research Meeting: July 22-24, 2025

Gulf Research Center Meeting 2025: CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSAL NOW OPEN, Click here for more details

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About GRM

The Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) offers a unique environment to explore matters of key importance to the Gulf region and provides a platform for discussion and dissemination of research in a wide variety of Gulf-related fields, including economic and financial issues, international relations, security, environment, energy and renewable energy, as well as education, labour and social issues. Committed to a high-level academic standard, the GRM's objective is to help generate solutions to many of the region's pressing challenges.

GRM 2025 Call for Workshop Proposals now OPEN

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Onine Non-Paper Presenter Registration is now closed: Please Contact Sanya Kapasi ( for more information or visit the GRM Registeration Area at University Arms Hotel, Cambridge

GRM 2024


This year’s GRM workshops cover a wide range of topics in the fields of politics, economics, energy, security and the wider social sciences as they relate to the wider Gulf region (GCC countries in addition to Iraq and Yemen). You can click on each workshop to read its full description.

Towards a Global Coalition: Gulf countries, BRICS+, and the Future of the Global Order

More details

The GCC between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq

More details

Securing the Future: The GCC States' Endeavors in Defense Industry, Warfare Technologies and Policy

More details

The Structural Economic Challenges that GCC Economies Face to Move Toward Economic Diversification and Sustainability

More details

Blue Gulf: New Models and Systems for Regenerative Environments and Communities in Changing Climates and Rising Seas

More details

The Gulf Family: Transition, Tradition, and Tenacity

More details

Gulf States’ Engagement with Sport: Domestic and Global Drivers

More details

Navigating the Future of Artificial Intelligence in the GCC Region: Opportunities and Challenges

More details

Conflict Resolution Initiatives in the Gulf and Beyond: Strategies of Engagement and Prospects of Success

More details

Migration to the Gulf: Possible Scenarios for the Future A View from the GCC and from Countries of Origin

More details

GCC Energy Transition in the Era of Energy Security

More details

Silk Road or Spice Route? The Gulf’s Rising Connectivity with Asia, Africa, and Europe

More details

The Politics and Policy of Climate Change in the Gulf

More details

GRM 2024 Workshop


This year's GRM workshop directors come from a variety of esteemed institutions from both within and outside the Gulf.

Qatar University

Ram Sathe Chair for International Studies / Former Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE -
Symbiosis International University, Pune

Political economy, geopolitics, policy and governance of energy, climate and environment
Middle East Institute

Director of Community Services Sector, Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR)
Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Society, UAE University

Associate Professor of Public Policy Associate Professor of Public Policy, Department of International Affairs
Qatar University

Research Assistant Professor
Qatar University

Senior Lecturer in International Politics -
University of Lincoln

Consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore
Research Fellow, Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore

Fellow for the Middle East, Director, Political Economy of the Gulf Program,
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy

Senior Fellow
Gulf Labour Markets, Migration, and Population (GLMM) Programme

University of Vermont, Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security
Senior Research Fellow

Professor of Migration and Development at the Lahore School of Economics, Scientific Director, Gulf Labour Markets, Migration, and Population (GLMM) Programme -

Non-Resident Fellow -
The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

Geography and Environment
London School of Economics and Political Science

Professor OCCI Chair in Economic Studies
Sultan Qaboos University

Emeritus Professor of Middle East Politics Middle East Politics
University of Exeter/Tsinghua University

Tenured Assistant Professor of International Relations
Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP),

Assistant Professor at College of Economics and Finance
Qatar University

Associate Fellow -
with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Programme at Chatham House and Director of Energy at SRMG Think.

Senior Research Fellow
King’s College London

Emeritus Professor at University of Leeds, and Principal Investigator at EU funded project Financialisation Economy Society and Sustainable Development. -
University of Leeds

Senior Resident Scholar, The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, Washington, D.C. Adjunct Professorial Lecturer,
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

President -
SVB Energy International. Institute of World Politics

International Relations and German Studies
University of Ottawa

Associate Professor of Public Policy
Hamad Bin Khalifa University

14th GRM 2024 Programme

Tuesday, 9 July, 2024

  • GRM 2024 Opening at the West Road Music Concert Hall ( (4pm to 6pm)
  • GRM 2024 Group Picture at King’s College (6.30pm)
  • Reception and Gala Dinner at King’s College (6:45pm to 9pm)

Wednesday 10 July, 2024

  • Full day participation in your workshop (8:30am to 6pm)
  • Lunch at King’s College (1pm to 2:15pm)

Thursday 11 July, 2024

  • Full day participation in your workshop (8:30am to 6pm)
  • Lunch at Workshop venues (1pm to 2:15pm)
  • Closing Dinner at King’s College (7pm to 9pm)

GRM 2023 photo gallery

Check out the GRM 2023 photo gallery.



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A New Gulf Security Architecture: Prospects and Challenges for an Asian Role

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The United States and the Gulf: Shifting Pressures, Strategies and Alignments

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Rebuilding Yemen: Political, Economic and Social Challenges

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The Changing Energy Landscape in the Gulf: Strategic Implications

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Sustainable Development Challenges in the Arab States of the Gulf

We are delighted and honored to have edited Sustainable Deve...

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