Françoise De Bel-Air

Senior Fellow Gulf Labour Markets, Migration, and Population (GLMM) Programme .

Françoise De Bel-Air (PhD) is a researcher and consultant based in Paris, France. A socio-demographer by training, she specializes in the demography of Arab countries, especially in the Middle East and the Gulf region. She has been a research fellow at the French Institute for the Near East (IFPO) in Amman, Jordan for several years and a part-time Professor at the Migration Policy Centre, EUI. Her research focusses on political demography, as well as on the demographic and socio-political dynamics in the region: youth, intergenerational and gender relationships, family structures, labour and forced migration, migration and population policies. She published an edited volume on Migration and Politics in the Middle East (2006) and over forty book chapters, scientific articles and research papers on population issues in the Arab region. Her recent publications include a special issue of Arabian Humanities on “Marriage and Family in the Gulf Today” (with B. Destremau and J. Safar); Chapter 7 “Exclusion, Mobility and Migration” in the Arab Human Development Report 2016 on Youth; “Asian Migration to the Gulf States in the 21st Century”, in Chowdhury, M. and Rajan, I. (eds). South Asian Migration to the Gulf: Causes and Consequences”, Palgrave, 2018 and “’Blocked Youth’: The Politics of Migration from the SEM Countries before and after the Arab Uprisings.” The International Spectator (53): 2018.;

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