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Sager Group

In 1953 Othman Abdulaziz Sager founded in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, the first company of the Sager Group. It mainly dealt with basic commodity products. Since 1980, Abdulaziz O. Sager established and managed the Sager Group in Jeddah with branches in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Dubai United Arab Emirates. The Group was active in various activities including construction, electrical and mechanical contracting, maintenance and operation, security services, general trading, agriculture, media, marketing representation/consultation of multinational companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Until 1998 the Group had a total of approximately 12,000 employees. In early 1999 the Sager Group restructured its operations by selling some of its activities and refocused on the following activities: Aviation services through its company “Global Aviation.” I.T. services related to major government projects with partnership and coordination with specialized companies in the field. Marketing Consultations: When and where an added value is deemed necessary the Sager Group selectively represents some multinational corporations and assists them in selling their products and services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia both in the government and private sectors. Real Estate Development Division: The Group owns, manages and develops large real parcels estate in various areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The “Sager” is also active in the field of equity investment both in the domestic and international markets.

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