Workshop 1 / GRM 2024
Challenges of Change and Transformation in the Gulf During COVID Times: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions


The meeting is to discuss the current and future impact of ongoing regional geopolitical tensions, the COVID pandemic and turbulent energy transition on the dynamics of sociocultural, economic and political developments in the GCC. The main attention of discussion will be focused on three areas: Potential strategies that Gulf countries can apply in preparation of the anticipated instability in the oil and gas sector resulting from the potential peaking of oil demand and the beginning of the era of low oil prices.  The impact of this instability in the oil and gas sector of the GCC economies on other aspects of the sociocultural and political life of the Gulf states. The wide array of sociocultural and political challenges faced by the GCC member states as a result of the global and regional changes. Challenges to Gulf states and states interested in the Gulf resulting from economic, political, social, and security disruption due to the pandemic and fluctuating energy markets. 

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Professor David B.


Professor -Security
Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies

Dr. Nikolay


Research Associate Professor -
Qatar University

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