Workshop 4 / GRM 2024
The Structural Economic Challenges that GCC Economies Face to Move Toward Economic Diversification and Sustainability


The meeting is to discuss the current and future impacts of ongoing economic and social challenges towards economic diversification, development, and sustainability plans considering GCC future visions and the turbulent energy transition, global economy uncertainty, geopolitical risk, and their impact on the dynamics of sociocultural, economic, and political developments in the GCC. The main focus of discussion will be on the following areas: a) Exploring the current economic and socioeconomic challenges that face GCC economies toward their visions in economic diversification b) The role of government as an entrepreneurial state in a world of fundamental uncertainty to build strong foundations for a sustainable economic development model c) The role of central banks and the financial sector in achieving GCC sustainable development objectives d) The role of Sovereign Wealth Funds in achieving GCC sustainable development objectives e) The role of the private sector in achieving GCC sustainable development objectives f) The impact of climate change in the environmental, social, economic, and political aspects of GCC economies.



Dr. Jalal


Assistant Professor at College of Economics and Finance
Qatar University

Prof. Malcolm


Emeritus Professor at University of Leeds, and Principal Investigator at EU funded project Financialisation Economy Society and Sustainable Development. -
University of Leeds

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