A New Gulf Security Architecture: Prospects and Challenges for an Asian Role

Edited by: Ranjit Gupta Abubaker Bagader Talmiz Ahmad and N. Janardhan
Publisher: Gerlach Press
Published year: 2014
GRM year: 4

This book explores how growing economic ties between Asian countries and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) could impact their future relationship. It postulates that the stage is now set for strategic partnerships and highlights how some Asian countries have been explicit about showcasing their power and influence in the Gulf region. While exploring an alternative and broadbased security architecture, it identifies the challenges that any probable Asian cooperative approach could face as the countries of the Arabian Gulf show signs of looking beyond the United States to develop their long-term strategic interests. The volume is a product of a workshop held during the 2012 Gulf Research Meeting organized by the Gulf Research Centre, Cambridge.

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