Intellectual Property:

By submitting a paper for the Gulf Research Meeting (hereinafter Work), the author (hereinafter Author) accepts and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of this agreement (hereinafter Agreement) as follows:

Intellectual Property Agreement:

The Author warrants that she/he has written the Work and is the sole legal and beneficial owner of all rights in the Work, and further, the Author warrants that the Work is original and publication of the Work does not infringe any intellectual property rights or any other rights of any person or third party whatsoever.

The Author warrants that the Work is professionally written and footnoted, with all external sources listed and appropriately referenced; all statements of fact and information contained in the Work are to the best knowledge of the Author true, accurate and complete and are substantiated by adequate research, and where necessary, the required permission to quote other sources or include third party materials has been obtained by the Author.

The Author warrants that no part of the Work has been published previously in any form in any part of the world and that the Work has not been accepted for publication by any third party and will not be submitted for publication to any third party before or after the Gulf Research Meeting 2024 takes place without the express written permission of the Gulf Research Centre Cambridge (hereinafter GRCC).

The Author warrants that the Work does not, without attributing the source, report as fact, the opinion of any third party or any information whose accuracy or authenticity the Author should have reasonable cause to doubt, or which was obtained directly or indirectly in breach of confidence.

The Author warrants that the Work does not contain any matter or statements which are libellous, defamatory, scandalous, blasphemous, or obscene.

The Author assigns to the Gulf Research Centre Cambridge with full title guarantee all the copyrights in the Work as soon as the Work is created, in all countries of the world (and/or any similar rights in countries where such rights exist) for the whole term of such copyright including any extensions or renewals of such rights to hold unto the GRCC absolutely. The GRCC shall have the right to publish and licence publication of the Work throughout the world in all editions, forms and media (including but not limited to hardcopy and electronic publishing) and in all languages. Furthermore, the GRCC shall have the right to distribute or licence distribution of the Work throughout the world. The Author grants the GRCC the right to use the Author's name and biography in connection with any dissemination or promotion of the Work and to make such other promotional use of the Work as the GRCC or its licensees may determine.

If in the course of editing or formatting of the paper for publication, errors or other problems are detected in the Work, the GRCC will make reasonable efforts to contact the Author in order to correct errors and resolve problems. For its communications with the Author, the GRCC will use exclusively the e-mail address provided by the Author at the time of submission of the Work. In case the GRCC is not able to contact the Author or she/he is not able to correct the errors/resolve the problems, the GRCC retains the option to do so and the Author hereby agrees to and authorizes such action under these circumstances.

The GRCC will make reasonable efforts to inform the Author where and when the Work has been published under this Agreement and provide the electronic link. In case of a hardcopy publication, the GRCC will make reasonable efforts to provide the Author with an offprint of the Work or a copy of the entire publication. The Author acknowledges and agrees that she/he will not receive any payment for the Work from the GRCC within the framework of this Agreement.

The GRCC has the right of first refusal and will undertake every reasonable effort to have the Work published through its arrangements. If this is not possible, the GRCC encourages publication of the Work elsewhere after completion of the GRM 2024 if the Author informs the GRCC in writing and receives its written permission to proceed and if the relevant publisher:

  • accepts that the Work as submitted for the Gulf Research Meeting 2024 will remain available and may be published and distributed by the GRCC at a later date, and
  • acknowledges the source of the Work using the following format: "Paper presented at the thirteenth Gulf Research Meeting (GRM), Cambridge, July 9-11, 2024, organised by the Gulf Research Centre Cambridge. Copyright © Gulf Research Centre Cambridge 2024"

In cases where requirements of other publishers wishing to publish the Work or altered versions of the Work conflict with this Agreement, the GRCC requests the Author to contact the GRCC in writing, explaining the situation, and the GRCC will undertake to address the situation to facilitate publication as requested by the Author. All Authors whose Work is subsequently published by a non-GRCC publisher are requested to send an electronic and/or paper copy of the publication to the GRCC.

The Author agrees to indemnify and keep the GRCC and its partner organisations Gulf Research Center and Gulf Research Center Foundation indemnified, against all actions, claims, proceedings costs and damages and all legal costs and other expenses arising out of any breach of the warranties and/or undertakings in this Agreement or out of any claims by a third party based on any facts which if substantiated would constitute such a breach.

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