Workshop 9 / GRM 2024
Women in the GCC: Negotiating Leadership, Power, and Change


The status of women in the Gulf States (Khaliji women) is a recurring theme in academia and policy circles. This workshop examines the role of Gulf women in the public square. The workshop will highlight current roles women play, methods of integration into local affairs (political, economic, social, religious, or other), and the challenges that ensue. The Gulf States are prioritising their national interests in a shifting world order. New strategies and sectors are emerging due to a host of internal and international changes. Amid these rapid transformations, women in the Gulf are increasingly finding their way into new roles. Despite the ever changing character of politics, business, and other sectors in the region, the status of women remains arbitrary. Women are often left out of the “boys club” while confronting ongoing challenges: discrimination, domineering patriarchy, exclusion, and harassment. Navigating through these persisting social structures and power struggles while the region undergoes socio-economic change makes women’s roles more difficult. This workshop will inject an intersectional lens to the way women negotiate opportunities and barriers related to their role in the public sphere, bringing to the surface the nuanced experiences of women in the Gulf.





Visiting Research Fellow -
LSE Middle East Centre



Assistant Professor of History -
Kuwait University



PhD Candidate in Politics -
University of Otago

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