Workshop 5 / GRM 2024
The Renewed & Expanded Role of the Gulf on the Global Energy Scene


Crude Oil and Petroleum Product: The Gulf is the only region in the world with huge reserves ready to be developed as much as the market would need. The Gulf is becoming more important in the aftermath of the Ukrainian Crisis. It must be reminded that the region is also a major producer and exporter of petroleum products, petrochemicals and fertilisers.Natural Gas, both Conventional and Unconventional: The Gulf as a main gas export player: the vital role of Qatar, the ambitions of Abu Dhabi and Oman, and the hopes of Iran. Role of the Gulf, Especially Qatar, in Supplying Europe with natural gas in the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis. The quest of Gulf countries for a larger share of the global gas market: Qatar with its expanded LNG capacity and Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi with their pursuit for gas opportunities around the globe. The Gulf as a growing market for natural gas. Unconventional gas in the Gulf: the adventures in Saudi Arabia and Oman.Renewable Energies: The Gulf developing renewable energies: as a way to reserve more fossil fuels for export, and to fulfil the international environmental obligations.Solar Energy: While the Gulf got plenty of hydrocarbon energy sources, it was among the pioneers to develop solar energy: the experience of Abu Dhabi, and the ambitious steps taken by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.Nuclear: will the experience of Abu Dhabi be replicated in other Gulf countries? Wind Energy: Why this important source in underdeveloped in the region? New Energies: Hydrogen: an increasing number of countries in the Gulf are developing hydrogen industries. Ammonia: growing interest in this source of energy in the region. 

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