Workshop 1 / GRM 2024
The Leading Role of Gulf Higher Education in Achieving Sustainability and Addressing Climate Change


Globally, higher education (HE) systems are being called on to support worldwide efforts to achieve sustainability and combat climate change. These global trends are also affecting Gulf universities, who are now embracing this new mandate. However, Gulf universities face particular challenges: they are located in countries that are the highest per capita carbon emitters in the world (Hertog & Luciani, 2009). This workshop intends to provide a better understanding of how HE systems and universities in the Gulf region are responding to the global movement of achieving sustainability and overcoming issues of climate change with a focus on how they are adapting to the particularities of their local contexts. It will also contribute to the literature on HE and sustainability, education for sustainable development, universities and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and HE’s role in climate change. The workshop thus seeks to make both theoretical and empirical contributions to HE in the Gulf and sustainability literature. The workshop will answer the following questions: What are universities in the Gulf doing in terms of education for sustainable development? How can universities in the Gulf help governments to achieve SDGs? How can universities in the Gulf lead in climate action within their societies and/or on the international stage?  



Dr. Khalaf


Associate Professor of Higher Education at the College of Education Education systems and policies
Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Elizabeth


Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education -
University of Toronto


Grichting Solder

University of Vermont, Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security
Senior Research Fellow

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