Workshop 5 / GRM 2024
Blue Gulf: New Models and Systems for Regenerative Environments and Communities in Changing Climates and Rising Seas


This workshop aims to highlight the challenges faced by coastal settlements in the GCC region in balancing urban development with the preservation of fragile coastal and marine ecosystems and natural resources. Coastal cities, large ports, and industrial facilities are compromising environmental protection and water security in a region faced with low rainfall, and high evaporation rates. Climate change further threatens the region with rising temperatures, sealevel increases, coral reef loss, and coastal infrastructure vulnerabilities. This workshop aims to develop concrete strategies and explore solutions to implement. "Blue Design" in coastal cities of the GCC, including actionable plans for improving urban sustainability and resilience, considering water cycles, energy efficiency, and the integration of various disciplines. Furthermore, the workshop will foster an environment where participants can explore how their expertise can contribute to the goals of "Blue Design" and a resilient "Blue Gulf" and build knowledge to prepare coastal cities for rising sea levels and changing weather conditions, with an emphasis on the integration of water, energy, food, and waste into a unified urban system.




Grichting Solder

University of Vermont, Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security
Senior Research Fellow



Qatar University

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