July 21-23, 2020, Cambridge UK

3 DAYS / 10 Workshops

Dr. Yusra Mouzughi

Liverpool Business School - John Moores University .

Dr Yusra Mouzughi is a Principal Lecturer at Liverpool Business School and the Programme Leader for Doctoral Programmes. Dr Mouzughi’s main responsibilities include overseeing the Ph.D. and Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) programmes as well as teaching a range of postgraduate courses. She is currently supervising 11 doctoral students and has supervised more than 10 students to successful completion. Dr. Mouzughi’s research is cross disciplinary focusing on a broad range of sustainability issues including general attitudes towards sustainability as well as the impact of information and technology on sustainability. She is also research active in the field of knowledge management with a particular emphasis on critical success factors for knowledge management as well as the role of key stakeholders in knowledge management activities. She has been a keynote speaker and invited guest speaker at national and international conferences and has various publications in the knowledge management field, the latest being a research monograph “Critical Success Factors for Knowledge Management” (Lambert Publishing, Germany, 2012 ISBN 978-3-8465-4244- 6). Being of Libyan background, Dr Mouzughi also has research interests in various aspects of Libya’s development. Prior to her career in academia, Dr Mouzughi worked in the insurance industry as a project manager for over seven years.

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