July 21-23, 2020, Cambridge UK

3 DAYS / 10 Workshops

Paul Aarts

Department of Political Science - University of Amsterdam .

Paul Aarts is senior lecturer in international relations in the Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on the politics of the Arab world, with a specific focus on the Gulf countries. He has published several edited volumes and numerous articles in different academic journals, including Democracy & Society, Orient, Middle East Policy, International Spectator, Review of International Affairs, and Middle East Report. He is co-author (with Gerd Nonnemann) of “Saudi Arabia in the Balance: Political Economy, Society, Foreign Affairs” (London/New York: Hurst & Company/New York University Press, 2005/2006). The updated Arabic edition was published by the Center for Arab Unity Studies in Beirut (http://www.caus.org.lb/Home/publication_popup.php?ID=4763&MediaID=1). In 2013, he co-edited, with Francesco Cavatorta, “Civil Society in Syria and Iran. Activism in Authoritarian Contexts” (Lynne Rienner). Last year, he finished a report “From Resilience to Revolt. Making Sense of the Arab Spring” available via (http://wodc.nl/onderzoeksdatabase/duiding-maatschappelijke-omwentelingen-in-noordafrika-en-het-midden-oosten.aspx). More on: http://medewerker.uva.nl/p.w.h.aarts.

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