Professor Daniela A. Ottmann

Associate Professor of Architecture - Bond University .

Professor Ottmann is on a continuous exploration of understanding and innovating correlations between the built environment, people and nature. She has been practising architecture and urban design for over 20 years in various socio-cultural environments (Europe, Arabia, Africa), climate zones (desert, subtropical, temperate) and on various scales (urban design, architecture, interior design), besides questioning and re-defining applied practice through research and education at various universities in Germany, UAE, Oman, Australia and China. Her research is dedicated to serve bio-climatic buildings and urban conglomerations through ecologically adapted strategies that foster healthy environments for people and integrate urbanisation to ecological system principles amongst socio-cultural aspects. In her current position at the Abedian School of Architecture at Bond University, Daniela coordinates the environmental design stream through HDR, postgraduate and graduate education amongst conducting research on neuroCities, Climate Design/Materials, and prefabrication/affordable Housing for the Australian Government. Recently she has initiated and conducted amongst other initiatives and international symposium on “Inclusive Sustainable Urban Development” with the UN-Habitat and the Australian Pavilion at EXPO 2020. Dr Ottmann has authored amongst other publications ‘Traditional Building Knowledge Oman’, ’Urban Ecolution: Future solutions for healthy and ecologically integrated cities.’, ’Housing + modular housing system’, ‘C+ ‘My future home’, and ‘Urban Correlator: Strategies for an ecologically adaptable urban and architectural development’. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniela Ottmann, born 1978 in Frankonia/ Germany, is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Society and Design/ Bond University. She is contributing to the Cities Research Institute/ Griffith University in her role as Adjunct Associate Professor. Her Alma Mater is the University Duisburg-Essen (THE ranked 14th worldwide in 2019) where she was promoted to a Doctorate of Sciences in Engineering (Sustainable Urbanism and Architecture).

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